How to Repair Your Wireless Router?

In today’s climate, being able to access the Internet over your wireless router is a necessity. Unfortunately, a wireless router can fall prey to a number of problems just like any other device. If your router is experiencing problems connecting to the Internet, broadcasting a wireless signal or freezing, consider performing some troubleshooting steps before trading the device in for a newer model.

Check the Cables

Sometimes connection cables can become loose over time or if someone accidentally pulled them out. Make sure all of the cables are securely connected to the router, including the power cable and each Ethernet cable.

Change the Router’s Location

If the wireless signal is weak or frequently drops, reposition the router. Thick walls and other devices, such as a radio or microwave, may be interfering with the signal.

Clean the Router’s Vents

If your router is overheating, the device may shut itself off or start operating erratically over time. If the device is unusually hot, use a can of compressed air to clean its vents, which will restore airflow.

Reboot the Router

Similar to other tech devices, such as computers, simply rebooting your router can solve many connection and software problems. You can reboot your router by pressing the device’s physical reset button. Additionally, you can also reboot the device by selecting the reboot option through its Administration page, which you can access by typing your router’s default IP address, such as, into your Web browser’s address bar.

Change Your Router’s Wireless Channel

If there are too many wireless devices in your router’s immediate vicinity broadcasting wireless signals, your router’s signal is more likely to drop or become very slow. Type your router’s default IP address, such as, into your Web browser and then change the wireless channel in the Wireless Settings section.

Reset the Router to Factory Settings

If all else fails, performing a complete factory reset may solve the router’s problems. You can perform the reset by pressing and holding the device’s reset button for approximately 10 seconds. As an alternative, you can also perform a reset through your router’s Administration page. Consult your router’s user manual for the device’s IP address, for example,, to access the page.